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Each day during the month of September (no weekends) we will be featuring one or two authors who will be giving you their Tips & Tricks on writing.

The goal is to inspire you to put pen to paper, fingers to keys, or to finish that book you started so long ago.

We hope you enjoy Books-n-Kisses 1st-ever educational tutorial.

September’s line up: 

9/1- part a: Organization? What’s that? by Carrie Ann Ryan 

9/1- part b: 5 Tips for Crafting Realistic Dialogue by Dianne Duvall

9/2- How to handle a rejection/how to develop a thick skin by Stacey Kennedy

9/3- Passion & Writing by Nalini Singh

9/4- The Importance of Picking a Genre by Erin Quinn+ giveaway  

9/5- Five things every romance writer should know by Elisabeth Naughton

9/8- part a: I have finished my book.  Now what?  by Kendra Elliot

9/8-part b:  Bring Sexy into your Writing by Delilah Marvelle

9/9-part a: Should you Write Specifically for Contests? by Darynda Jones 

9/9-part b: The crazy, mixed-up tale of how my first book came to be – also  known as, WTF?  I’m getting published by Robyn Peterman

9/10-Permission to write by Gini Koch 

9/11- Sketching Characters by Shiloh Walker

9/12- Humor by Molly Harper

9/15- part a: How to Handle a Bad Review by Kristina McMorris

9/15-part b: Never give up by Erin Kellison 

9/16- Writing-What a ride by Maggie Wells

9/17- part a: Finding Inspiration to Write When You’d Rather do Laundry by Rebecca Zanetti

9/17- part b: Staying Motivated by Cynthia Eden

9/18- How my desk got a dent in it by Dani Harper

9/19- Why Stubborn Matters by Kate Douglas 

9/22- part a: Melinda Leigh’s Tip of the Day

9/22- part b: Creating Simple Timelines by Paige Tyler

9/23- part a: Tips to Build in Emotional Stakes in Your Book by Jennifer Apodaca

9/23- part b: Three Ways to Build Your Novel’s Foundation by Macy Beckett

9/24-Rejection: What Should I do by Karina Cooper 

9/25- How to write 20 pages a day by Donna Grant

9/26- Sex scenes….by Lila DiPasqua

9/29- Five Tips for Aspiring Writers by Yasmine Galernon & giveaway

9/30- I will finish….. by Lisa Hendrix

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