Policies & Requests

Please make sure to read our review policy before sending request.

If you a publisher, author, or blog tour coordination and would like us to do a review of your book, please fill out the contact form below.
Kelly is the main coordinator for all reviews, interviews, guest blogs, giveaways and spotlight features. But my super awesome assistant Kimberly will be handling guest reviews and some review requests.  We currently have 3 reviewers on the blog. All reviews will be the opinion of the reviewer chosen and doesn’t not always reflect the opinions of the other reviewers or this blog site.  We will consider all book review requests, but can not guarantee we will review all books received.   All reviews will be posted on Monday- Thursday unless prior arrangements have been made for a weekend post.  Review will be posted on Books-n-Kisses blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and any other media outlet (i.e. Net Galley, Edelweiss, Powell’s, Books-a-Million, etc…)

Kelly/Kimberly will do everything in their powers to responded via email to all submissions with in 5 days. Please indicate in form below what type of post you are looking for.

Genres we prefer or that you will find on our site.

Paranormal Romance
Historical Romances
Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Suspense or Thrillers
Young Adult


We can and are willing to accept paperback, hardback, and electronic books. E-books can be in PDF or Kindle form.

Books-n-Kisses rating system for book reviews: 

5 Star–Totally Loved.  Want to re-read right now

4 Star–Really Good book.  Put on the keeper shelf

3 Star–Good, but ready to move on

2 Star–Not digging this book

1 Star–Didn’t like, not our cup of tea

DNF- Did Not Finish

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