Review of Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty

Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty The MacLeods of Skye Trilogy Book 1 Rory & Isabel’s story What is a Highlander? When I was first given this book all I could think of was the Highlander movies. Where the Highlander’s are immune to disease and stop aging after becoming immortal. The song “Who wants to live […]

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Fever Series

I have been eyeing this books for a while. And my book club girls have talked them up… So they have been  moved to my must read list. But here is a chance to win the first 4 books…. So go forth and win… and if you do please tell me what you think of […]

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2011 100+ book challenge

Well it should not be much of a challenge for me… I most definitely read that many books in one year… But it will be fun to keep track… if you want to join… check out this link…..

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More Giveaways

Found a new blog to follow today… and they are having a FABULOUS giveaway… go quickly and check it out…

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New Contest

Please go to Lisa blog and find the details for her new book… go forth and win!!!

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HOLY CHEEZE WIZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a follower!!! I have a follower!!!!!What do I do know… Welcome Amy… I feel like I should give you something for being the 1st….. lets see…… Who is your favorite author??? Please send me your mailing address and we will see what the Book Fairy has in her bag of goodies for you

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