(ARC) Review of Body of Sin by Eve Silver (book 4)

Release date August 23, 2011 Once the favorite son of the Lord of the Underworld, Lokan Krayl held enviable privileges and powers. Powers that led to a devastating betrayal—murder. Resurrected by his immortal brothers, Lokan is still trapped in purgatory. He has no way to contact his family. He has no answers. In order to […]

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(ARC) Follow the Night by Michele Hauf

Vicomte Gabriel Renan was just trying to dispose of his ill-gotten fortune when the mysterious stranger attacked him. Now he’s been told he may become vampire if he cannot make it to the full moon without drinking blood. Easy enough. Or will the madness that threatens lure Gabriel to follow the night? Too many secrets […]

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100 Followers Giveaway

Super Quick Post…… When my blog reaches 100 Follower I will be pick one of you lovely followers and you will get to pick a book of your choice…… Oh and I will do again at 150 and 200…… Thanks for spreading the word.

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Day 3~~SheWolf by Teresa D’Amario #1 True Mate Series

A small town veterinarian has a big time problem. She’s not human. Plagued as a child with an extra-sensitive sense of smell, strength, and eyesight, Anna Callaway always thought she was special. But she didn’t understand how special until she met Kieran Hunter. He insists they are True Mates, but he’s not human either. He’s […]

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Day 2~~Leopard’s Key by Teresa D’Amario

Cover by PickyMe…. How much damage could a simple piece of jewelry cause? A silver key is the only clue to the disappearance of Kel.  It’s a mystery leopard shifter Dmitri can only solve with the help of the jeweller who created it. When Hailey created the key she knew whom it was destined for, […]

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Day 1 ~~Tigress by the Tail by Teresa D’Amario

Lance is a Wizard. He’s not a great wizard, but he’s all right. Descended from a long line of wizards, his brothers taunt him for being slow to learn. And as the youngest, it’s his due course to accept such teasing. Life is good, and normal. For a wizard that is. Cassie is a Shifter. […]

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New Blog to Follow

Hello all my followers. Please go check out my buddy Carla’s new blog Book Monster Reviews. And she is doing her 1st giveaway.

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