Kimberly reviews The Honorable Traitors by John Lutz

honorable traitorsTITLE: The Honorable Traitors
SERIES #: Laker #1
CHARACTERS: Thomas Laker
AUTHOR: John Lutz
ORDER LINKS: Amazon  | B&N


Officially, Thomas Laker is an employee of the NSA. His real employer, known as the Gray Outfit, is not listed—anywhere. When a Washington, D.C., insider is killed in a bomb explosion, Laker teams up with cryptographer Ava North on a desperate search for clues. The only thing certain is that another act of terrorism is imminent. Delving into the dangerous past when America was drawn into global conflict, they discover one of history’s greatest—and deadliest—secrets. In the wrong hands it can unleash unimaginable destruction. Now, to keep his homeland from plunging into its darkest hour, Laker will have to defend everything he believes in…

2.25 Hearts So what to say about this book? Not much. I really didn’t enjoy this book at all. The characters just didn’t connect with me. Something is just off. They seem so immature for what is supposed to be their ages.

The writing is not great either. I usually enjoy Lutz’s writing but not this time. I really had a hard time finishing this book and a number of times wondered if I should just put it down and start something I would enjoy. I didn’t but the feelings never changed.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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