Kimberly reviews The Wardrobe by Deryn Lake

The WardrobeTITLE: The Wardrobe
CHARACTERS: Rebecca & Greg
AUTHOR: Deryn Lake

It was the flat Rebecca and Greg had dreamed of finding; a beautiful conversion in a big Victorian house. The huge mirrored wardrobe that the builders couldn’t shift only seemed to add to its charms…

But soon their dream turns into a terrifying nightmare. As Rebecca delves into the dark circumstances surrounding the mysterious murder of George Carthew in the same house a hundred years before, she finds herself surrounded by echoes of the crime. Carthew was victim to slow arsenic poisoning, and now Greg is struck with a horrible wasting illness. Carthew’s beautiful widow, Charlotte, was suspected of the gruesome crime but never convicted, and now Rebecca wakes in terror to find reflection of strange women in the wardrobe doors…

That old wardrobe, a relic of the Victorian days, seems to be the only remaining witness to the crime and Rebecca becomes convinced that all these years later, it could still hold the key to the murder.

Another classic of love, loss and the past manifesting in the present from master Deryn Lake, this story of murder unsolved will have you gripped from beginning to end.

This is a very short story of about 50 pages. It is a quick read and yet very interesting. The wardrobe is a relic with much mystery surrounding it. When Rebecca starts looking into the history of it there is way more than she would expect and it begins affecting her and Greg.

For such a small story it really pulls a punch. Great book!

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

4 Hearts

4 Hearts

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