Kimberly reviews Highland Promise by Alyson McLayne

highland promiseTITLE: Highland Promise
SERIES #: The Sons of Gregor MacLeod #1
CHARACTERS: Caitlin & Darach
AUTHOR: Alyson McLayne

Five boys destined to become Highland lairds are fostered together as brothers. Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true loves.

When forced to choose between duty and honor…

Darach MacKenzie vowed never again to let a woman near his heart after his betrothed betrayed him. It sparked an intense feud between his clan and the Frasers. With all-out war on the wind, Darach can’t be distracted—not even by a sweet and charming lass who desperately needs his help.

This Highland Laird will find a way to have both…

When Darach rescued Caitlin MacInnes from the clutches of vile Laird Fraser, she vowed to never let men or misery rule her life again. With Darach and the MacKenzie clan, Caitlin finally feels safe. But when Laird Fraser shows up to claim what’s rightfully his, or go to war, Darach will have to use all his brawn and brains to protect Caitlin—even if it means losing his heart.

4.75 Hearts Oh how I loved this story! I picked up the book never having heard about this author. Maybe this is her first story or maybe I just hadn’t found her yet but she will be on my favorites list if she keeps writing like this. Not that the book is perfect. It isn’t. There are a couple of little things that brought it the hearts down to 4.75 but all in all this is a wonderful novel.

Caitlin is so naive and sheltered. She was brought up innocent and loved but when her parents died her cruel uncle took her in and she was sequestered away from the world so she is still young in what we would now call “street smarts”. She doesn’t get insinuations, she isn’t sure of people and how they will respond to her but she tries so very hard. She wants to please out of love and respect not fear but this poor thing manages to screw everything up by just thinking about it.

Darach is a hard highland Scot who doesn’t take s*** from anyone but when he sees Caitlin something in him changes and when he finally meets her Lord help him. He manages to bring his alpha Scot to a manageable attitude when Caitlin does things he can’t even imagine anyone would consider doing in their wildest dreams… like digging up his Abbey. But he is just so sweet to Caitlin. He quickly figures out that all she does comes from her heart. She is pure and sweet and doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body. And how he manages to soften for her is just so lovely.

I really loved this book. I picked it up every second I could. I fell for Lachlan and his humor. I can not wait for his story to come out. We didn’t read much of the other three “brothers” but I can only imagine that their stories will be just as wonderful.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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