Kimberly reviews Here Comes The Bride by Hope Ramsey

here comes the brideTITLE: Here Comes The Bride
SERIES #: Chapel Of Love #3
CHARACTERS: Laurie & Andrew
AUTHOR: Hope Ramsay

There goes the groom . . .
For Professor Laurie Wilson, planning her wedding to longtime boyfriend Brandon Kopp has been a whirlwind. But somehow, between all the cake tastings and dress fittings, she never imagined being left at the altar. In the aftermath, she does what any sensible woman would – she swigs champagne and considers keying his car. Until someone knocks on her door with a much better idea for revenge.

Best man Andrew Lyndon thinks Laurie’s better off without Brandon. But Laurie’s father – and Andrew’s boss – isn’t going to accept anything less than a reconciliation. And he’s made it Andrew’s problem to solve. So Andrew decides to make Brandon jealous by setting Laurie up on a string of “dates.” After a couple of weeks, Brandon will be begging Laurie to take him back. But Andrew’s plan works a little too well because suddenly he’s the one falling for Laurie — and planning a proposal of his own.

3.5 Hearts For the most part I enjoyed this story. Hope Ramsey is on my list of authors I try not to miss. The story is pretty typical. She gets left at the altar, best man checks on her and sparks fly. Ok maybe not that simple but still the gist is the same.

The characters are good and the writing is mostly good. I thought the book had some really funny scenes and some sweet scenes. No real hot and heavy scenes. It is a love story and a second chance story.

The problem was the way Ramsey wrote about men in the story. I am not sure what happened in her (or someone she knows) life but she is pissed at all men… men in general in the book are scum and women are superior. I get that women rock thing but the men are horrible thing took away from the book a bit for me.

Again that being said the story is good and the characters and romance are sweet.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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