Kimberly reviews There’s Something About Cornwall by Daisy James

theres something about cornwallTITLE: There’s Something About Cornwall
CHARACTERS: Emilie & Matt
AUTHOR: Daisy James

A knight in a shining camper van!

Life is far from picture perfect for food photographer, Emilie Roberts. Not only has her slimy ex cheated on her, he’s also stolen her dream assignment to beautiful Venice! Instead, Emilie is heading to the wind-swept Cornish coast…

Emilie doesn’t think it can get any worse – until disaster strikes on the very first day! And there’s only one man to rescue this damsel in distress: extremely hunky surfing instructor, Matt Ashby.

Racing from shoot to shoot in a bright orange vintage camper van, Matt isn’t the conventional knight in shining armour – but can he make all of Emilie’s fairy tale dreams come true?

2.75 Hearts I had the hardest time with this book. First the author has an odd way of writing. There are typical lines that I assume sounded odd because of it being Brit-Lit but there is more. There are a lot of $5 words that could have been written in normal every day verbiage.

Then there is Emilie who I just never found that I liked. Her confidence is really low because of the breakup with her boyfriend but when Matt comes into her life there just seems to be too much about her ex for me. Then there is the background characters which, again, I just didn’t enjoy.

As I said I had the hardest time with this story. There could have been a number of reason but it really just comes down to “it wasn’t my kind of book”.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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