Kimberly reviews The Girl In The Painting by Kirsty Ferry

the girl in the paintingTITLE: The Girl In The Painting
SERIES #: Rossetti Mysteries #2
CHARACTERS: Cori & Simon
AUTHOR: Kirsty Ferry

What if you thought you knew a secret that could change history?
Whilst standing engrossed in her favourite Pre-Raphaelite painting – Millais’s Ophelia – Cori catches the eye of Tate gallery worker, Simon, who is immediately struck by her resemblance to the red-haired beauty in the famous artwork.

The attraction is mutual, but Cori has other things on her mind. She has recently acquired the diary of Daisy, a Victorian woman with a shocking secret. As Cori reads, it soon becomes apparent that Daisy will stop at nothing to be heard, even outside of the pages of her diary …

Will Simon stick around when life becomes increasingly spooky for Cori, as she moves ever closer to uncovering the truth about Daisy’s connection to the girl in her favourite painting?

4.5 Hearts This is the second in the series and I am most certainly going back to pick up book 1( Some Veil Did Fall). I won’t say this book is perfect. It isn’t. It can be a little jumpy and some things move fast and others slow but something about this book pulled me in within a couple of pages and I just kept wanting to read it. But honestly I can’t pin down what it is.

Cori is obsessed with a painting and meets Simon at the museum. Then she is given the diary of the person who may be the girl in the painting (hence the title). The issue comes when Daisy (the author of the diary) comes to Cori in spiritual form and Cori freaks out, rightfully so. Simon is by her side throughout the situation but so is Lissy, Becky and Jon from book 1.

I have to say that I believe it was the writing that pulled me in. The story is interesting and the characters are good, the romance is ok and the setting is common but something about this story was just so wonderful.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

4 Hearts

4 Hearts

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