Kelly reviews Firestorm by Donna Grant

firestormTITLE: Firestorm
SERIES #: Dark Kings #
CHARACTERS: Dimitri & Faith
AUTHOR: Donna Grant


Dimitri lives to protect the secret of the Dragon Kings from the human race. Bound by a bond stronger than blood to the Kings, Dimitri uses his strength and prowess to defend a thousand-year-old secret. But when an oh-so-sexy, slightly absent-minded archaeologist wanders into his midst, Dimitri will have to give up his rules, and give in to desire…

When Dr. Faith Reynold stumbles upon an ancient skeleton that appears it comes from a dragon, she’s completely taken aback. A woman of science, there’s no way in her mind that this mythological creature can exist. But when a devilishly handsome man named Dimitri intercepts her path to uncovering the truth, Faith’s curiosity turns into all-consuming passion. She’s never felt this way about any man before. But when Dimitri reveals his biggest secret, can she learn to love the man—as well as the dragon within, in Firestorm, the next Dark Kings novel by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

I enjoyed Dimitri’s book. I liked that this storyline went in a different direction from prior books. I enjoyed learning more about the Dragon Kings history and the events that surround them forcing their dragons away. My heart broke for Dimitri when he realized what was in that mountain. I am on the fence about Faith. I neither loved or hated her. I felt she was somewhere in the middle of the road for me.
I will have to say the highlight of this story is the lengthy conversation that Rhi & Con have. Yes, they actually have a conversation.
I have been loving this series (and the Reapers) but I am getting very antsy waiting for Rhi’s story and the final showdown. I know what I would like to have happen, but like all evil authors Ms. Grant is making us wait.
Until next time Kings.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley & St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

4 Hearts

4 Hearts

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