Kimberly reviews A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery

a million little thingsTITLE: A Million Little Things
SERIES #: Mischief Bay #3
CHARACTERS: Zoe, Jen & Pam
AUTHOR: Susan Mallery

From the bestselling author of The Girls of Mischief Bay and The Friends We Keep comes a twisty tale of family dynamics that explores what can go terribly, hysterically wrong when the line between friendship and family blurs

Zoe Saldivar is more than just single-she’s ALONE. She recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, she works from home and her best friend Jen is so obsessed with her baby that she has practically abandoned their friendship. The day Zoe accidentally traps herself in her attic with her hungry-looking cat, she realizes that it’s up to her to stop living in isolation.

Her seemingly empty life takes a sudden turn for the complicated-her first new friend is Jen’s widowed mom, Pam. The only guy to give her butterflies in a very long time is Jen’s brother. And meanwhile, Pam is being very deliberately seduced by Zoe’s own smooth-as-tequila father. Pam’s flustered, Jen’s annoyed and Zoe is beginning to think “alone” doesn’t sound so bad, after all.

Friendship isn’t just one thing-it’s a million little things, and no one writes them with more heart and humor than book club sensation Susan Mallery!

This is the third in the series. I am not sure if there will be more. Mallery usually has an added trilogy beyond her Fool’s Gold series so I wonder if this will be the last one. These stories are more real than the Fool’s Gold books. These aren’t really about romance even though romance is involved. The trilogy stories are about life. This is the story of Pam, Zoe and Jen. Each dealing with their own life and loss.

I enjoy these extra series books. However, I am more of a fan of Fool’s Gold series. These books make you think and have some inner reflection. You can never go wrong with Susan Mallery. Nothing she writes will ever be a disappointment… how could it be when she is the queen of romance?

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

4 Hearts

4 Hearts

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