Natasha reviews The Duke of Andelot by Delilah Marvelle

duke of andelotTITLE: The Duke of Andelot
SERIES #: The School of Gallantry #7
CHARACTERS: Thérèse Angelique Bouchard & Gérard Antoine Tolbert
AUTHOR: Delilah Marvelle
PUBLICATION DATE: April 10, 2015

For fans of Tom Jones and The Scarlet Pimpernel comes a twisted, sexy tale that takes the French Revolution to smoldering new heights.

Long before becoming the flamboyant courtesan known to men as Madame de Maitenon, Thérèse Angelique Bouchard, dreamed of becoming an actress capable of commanding not only the stage but all of Paris. Until she meets an extraordinary aristocratic gentleman who sweeps her into his arms and the danger of his life, while offering her the sort of wealth she never imagined. What starts off as a seductive alliance, ends in her giving him the one thing she, as a mere bourgeoisie, cannot afford to give: her love.

After the murder of his older brothers, Gérard Antoine Tolbert, becomes the last heir to the powerful dukedom of Andelot, leaving him to fight for not only his life, but the allegiance he holds for the crown. During the final rise of the French Revolution that whispers of the violent change about to shake the entire country, Gérard meets an aspiring actress who entices him into wanting more out of not only himself but life. In trying to protect her from their overly passionate alliance and those that want him dead, he must decide what matters most: his life or his heart.

WARNING: This book contains strong language and sexual content which may cause respectable people to swoon.

REVIEW: Finishing this book was wonderful, yet sad. I was ecstatic when Delilah announced she was continuing with this series and have enthusiastically awaited each new release. The series has been a phenomenal journey, spanning so many amazing characters and stories. It is with extreme excitement that I began this story, knowing it centered on the sun of this wonderful universe Delilah created – Madame Maitenon! Her story is full of comedy, tragedy and plain ‘ol scandal! I have loved Therese ever since we were first introduced to her in Mistress of Pleasure. She is such a daring, strong character that you can’t help but admire her courage and strength. This story begins over thirty years prior to where the entire series ended up. We get to see Therese as a young girl, getting into all kinds of craziness through her association with a dashing Duke – Gerard Tolbert. Slight spoiler alert – Therese and Gerard meet in the forest. I swear I could have lived this entire story in that forest. Seeing these two characters interact literally exploded the pages of my book. I was so deeply invested in their story I couldn’t put it down. They are extremely funny together, sinfully explicit and wonderfully flawed. So much heartache between these two – so much love. It is a gripping tale that completes the stories of two of our favorite characters in this series. I am very sad that this is the end of The School of Gallantry, but thank goodness for the amazing tales.

I received a complimentary copy of this book courtesy of Delilah Marvelle Productions, LLC in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.


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