Kimberly’s review of Beside A Dreamswept Sea by Vicki Hinze

 Beside A Dreamswept Sea
AUTHOR: Vicki Hinze
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Welcome to the third book of The Seascape Trilogy, three mystical romance-mystery novels by bestselling author Vicki Hinze.
New love isn’t on the agenda for widower Bryce Richards, who comes to the peaceful Seascape Inn with his three children, hoping the ethereal setting will help them recover from the death of their mother. Likewise, fellow inn guest Callie isn’t looking for romance either; she’s recovering from an emotionally abusive marriage. It will take all the matchmaking skills of innkeeper Hattie Stillman and her ghostly assistant to bring Bryce and Cally together.

Once again visiting the Seascape Inn was just as delightful and moving as with the rest of the trilogy. The Seascape Inn is a magical and healing inn that makes you long to visit. This should be in the category of a timeless romance. Everyone should read this trilogy at some point in their lives.

This story as with the others of the trilogy read like a movie. You feel taken into another world and it consumes you when you read it. I wish these books would be made into a movie for The Lifetime Channel or something. As with the other books I sit here trying to describe the book but it is more than a read it is a feeling and it is hard to describe the feeling I get from this book. I think everyone who loves romances should read this book/trilogy. This trilogy will be the one that stays with you forever and will become the first book you recommend when someone asks for a new author. So many of the stories now are about sex but these stories are about love and romance… true romance. The romance of people and a place. These books are perfectly written and I wish they would have gone on forever. It is sad to know this is the last of the Seascape Inn and I hope the author changes her mind and writes more now that these have been reissued.

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