Kimberly’s review of The Risque Target by Kelly Gendron

The Risque Target
AUTHOR: Kelly Gendron
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There’s one name that has Agent Nala Dekker reaching for the gun holstered to her leg—Tantum Maddox, the one name her partner said before he died in her arms. After three years of searching for the faceless Tantum Maddox, his name has finally surfaced. Nala jumps on the first plane to Boston in chase of her long-awaited revenge. But instead of taking Tantum in for his crime or shooting him—in self-defense, of course—Nala nearly ends up in bed with the killer. So, it probably would’ve been a good idea to find out what her Target looked like before she went after him.

Agent Tantum Maddox has completed his assignment in Mexico… and now it’s time for his revenge. When Tantum finds a mysterious woman in his arms, and after he discovers exactly who she is—his Target—he must decide what to do with the gun concealed beneath her dress. Should he use it on her and kill her? Or spare her life and take her captive until he finds the answers he’s been looking for?

Somehow Nala’s innocence comes into question by the dangerously sexy Tantum Maddox and he accuses her of being a cold blooded killer. But why is Nala the one on trial, for Tantum’s the one who killed her partner—isn’t he? In this torrid twist of betrayal and seduction, will Tantum and Nala resist killing each other? Or worse, when the truth unfolds, will love become the only threat to their vindictive hearts?

This looks to be the first book by this author and let me tell you I can not wait to read more. The characters are great. Tantum is the perfect guy. Totally hot, predatory, protective, sexual and has a sense of humor. Nala is interesting in her own right. She is new to being a agent and while she really does normally seem like she can take care of herself and on any other assignment would kick some serious butt, Tantum has become a complication and you can see her defenses fall.
There was a little too much of Nala questioning her own feelings (“Is he guilty?” “Can I really trust him?”, “He did do it!”, “No I know he could never do it!”, etc) and it got a little irritating but all in all it was a really good book. The premise is interesting too. They find they are pitted against each other and are each trying to find the other guilty of crimes but they seem to figure out pretty early what is going on but not the who is setting it up.

I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t wait to see how it ended. I wanted to see how Tantum would overcome his own issues of the heart and it was fun to watch Nala fall so easily into his arms but try to keep her heart at arms length. I enjoyed the humor that was written into these characters (especially Tantum) as well. It really is a fun yet suspenseful read. I will eagerly pick up the next book by Gendron and hope it is just as well written as this one.

4 Hearts


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