Kimberly’s review of Heat Rises by Alice Gaines

AUTHOR: Alice Gaines
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BOOK SYNOPSIS: Snowbound in a cabin . . . able to live out all her fantasies . . . Laura Barber has dreamt of doing unspeakably delicious things with Ethan Gould for years. Now, stuck in a mountain cabin, she just might get her shot. Ethan offers her the chance to live out each and every one of those desires. They may be rivals in the business world, but in the bedroom they’re a perfect match. Knowing they have only a few days, Laura shakes off all her inhibitions. Every secret need, every lust-filled thought . . . it’s all fair game.
REVIEW: This is a short story of erotica. It is about 65 reading pages and a very good story. The characters were enjoyable and while the storyline at first was a little short of context when the couple really had an interesting time stuck in the cabin. The thing about this story was it is a pretty common erotica fantasy story, stuck in a cabin with the man of your dreams. But what I enjoyed was the way the characters were written. They were given very interesting personalities and a interesting background of knowing each other before. And while I did enjoy the story the erotica of the story was not very imaginative but still very well written. If you enjoy erotica then I think you will enjoy this book. It has all the highlights of a sexual daydream.



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  1. Maria D. June 17, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    Good review! Sounds like something I might like to read during lunch

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