Interview with Casea Major

Q1) Can you please share with us a little about yourself
I am Casea Major writer of Erotic Romantic Comedy. I’ve been writing a little over a year and love it.

Q2) Have you always wanted to be an author?
I think I have always wanted to write. I have not always wanted to be an author.

Q3) Can you share with us your typical writing day.  Is there anything you have to have while writing?
I get up and take my kids to school. I come back and sit at my laptop. The only thing I have to have to start is electricity and internet access. Everything else is on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Q4) Most challenging or rewarding part of writing?
Finishing a story. I am notorious for starting gung ho and never completing. I am always amazed and blessed when I can type “the end” because it’s so contrary to who I am. I’m not saying I don’t have a few unfinished stories – I do. But I have just as many finished ones and that’s a testament to how much I love what I do.

Q5) Can you please tell us about your latest book(s)?
One Knight in Brooklyn is and Erotic Romantic Comedy with a little bit of fantasy time-travel.  It is a fun, fast-paced story with a lot of heart and some steamy lovemaking.

Q6) How did you come with the idea for this story?
Last summer I had finished my second full-length manuscript and had my first short story published. I was looking to write another shorty story but wasn’t sure which way to go. I saw a call for submissions on Facebook for Decadent’s new 1 night stand series. They were branching out into fantasy and paranormal. So the idea of Robin Hood came to me. But that seemed too serious. But then I wondered what would happen if the heroine expected Robin Hood but got Jersey Shore instead. How would she react? One Knight in Brooklyn was born.
What resulted was the funniest story I’ve ever written with two characters who have explosive chemistry. I am so proud of what they are able to accomplish in their short time and the genuine love and attraction they feel for each other.

Q7) Can you share with us your current work in progress?
My current WIP is something I’ve never written. In fact, it’s a brand new take on the genre. It’s a romance from the guy’s point of view. It’s like a paranormal Guys and Dolls meets Kindergarten Cop. I’m hoping it will live up to the hilarious scenes that are playing in my mind.

Q8) Who are some of your favorite authors?
My tastes in writing vary. I read a lot of YA and not as much romance oddly enough. Although I will say, my favorite authors are Lisa Kleypas, Karen Marie Moning, Suzanne Collins. They are class acts in writing and life.

Q9) What is in your To Read Pile that you are dying to start or upcoming release you can’t wait for?
Lisa Kleypas’ new book comes out 2/28. I am very much looking forward to it. Also I am looking forward to seeing the Hunger Games on the big screen.

Q10) Is there anything else you would like to add?
Kelly – thank you so much for having me. I hope everyone checks out Robert and Marianne in One Knight in Brooklyn. It’s a fun romp.

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