Flying Frog Fairy’s Review of Kiss and Make Up by Faye Roberts

Kiss & Make up
By Faye Robertson
Genre: Category romance
Heat: Spicy
Length: 150 pages
Release Date: 2/14/2012
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The Opportunity of a Lifetime…
Makeup artist Tabby Rogers is thrilled to land a job on a New Zealand movie set with lots of perks, including getting her hands on sexy Kiwi stunt man, Eli Black.

The sexual electricity zapping between them can’t be denied, but neither of them is in a position to handle happily-ever-after. Eli’s jetting off to Hollywood, Tabby’s next assignment is in the UK. But there’s nothing wrong with a short-term fling, right?

Except as the sparks burn hotter and responsibilities pull at them from opposite ends of the globe, it quickly becomes clear that something’s gotta give. Must Tabby sacrifice her hard-won career for love? Or will Eli forever be the one that got away?

Review by Flying Frog Fairy:

It starts out as a very lighthearted and fun book. Tabby and Eli are both driven twenty-something’s focused on their careers and avoiding any relationships.  Meeting for the first time on the set of a movie, there are immediate sparks that neither deny.  There is a lot of flirting and the way the characters interact with each other is real and down to earth.  I mean, they are on a movie set but there is no star struck, hero worship going on. It’s about real people, doing their jobs in an interesting field. And the secondary characters are just as interesting. And let us not forget about the steamy sex scenes.

Of course, it is not all sunshine and roses.  What starts out as a mutually agreed upon short term fling is jeopardized when they develop deeper feelings for one another.   While neither is willing to sacrifice their future plans, each asks the other to give them up.  This creates a dilemma that causes many problems. Eli is trying to honor a dying wish and Tabby has been burned before.  I was rooting for them to get on the same page and work it out. I love them as a couple and was desperately hoping for a HEA ending.  Thank goodness Ms. Robertson delivered. I really enjoyed this book. It was fun and easy to read. And yes, it did make me cry just a little.

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