Review of Time Slice by Kerry Downing

Time Slice
By Kerry Downing
Ordinary People. Extraordinary Adventures. Science Fiction with Heart.
Newly retired workaholic Roy Washburn is not ready for a life of leisure. On a trip to the mall with his wife, he finds a small metal cylinder with odd markings. One nudge of the cylinder’s triangle-shaped pointer and Roy finds himself embarking on an exciting new adventure in the Time Stream.
There he meets The Traveler, a tall, gangly being who shows Roy how to use the cylinder to visit other civilizations that co-exist on “his” Earth, each occupying a different, thin Time Slice. The Traveler solicits Roy’s help in recovering an object invented by his murdered father and beyond his own reach. Roy is his last hope.
At first it seems that the Traveler’s wish might be easily granted. But after Roy’s wife Emily becomes ill and his daughter’s long-held resentments rise to the surface, he can no longer “travel” at a moment’s notice. He also discovers the very real physical and mental risks involved in roaming the Time Stream.
Despite the dangers, Roy is determined to help the Traveler. But he can’t do it alone. Fortunately he has a loving wife and a core group of loyal friends. But first he must convince them–and his daughter–that he isn’t crazy …
My thoughts:
This was a hard book for me to review.  I am not an overly huge sci-fi fan.  So I struggled with whether I liked or disliked this book.  I think I came to the conclusion that it was just okay for me.    I had a hard time connecting with the characters and the story at times really didn’t keep my attention.   I will chalk this all up to the fact that I am not a sci-fi fan.   I think the idea behind the story was good.  The characters all had their moments that I enjoyed them.  But in the end it was just okay for me.
If you love Sci-fi I would recommend you checking out Kerry’s book.  If you are not, well I won’t say don’t read it because everyone has their own opinion.   I would tell you please read the other reviews of the people that loved this book and decide for yourself. 
Kerry Downing’s Bio:
Kerry Downing set out to become a meteorologist, but was hooked by the world of computers instead, becoming a systems analyst and programmer. Astronomy and science fiction are his passions. He’s been gazing at the stars at all hours of the night since the age of 10, when he received his first telescope. As for science fiction, Arthur C. Clarke and his brand of “it really seems as if it could happen” has always been his favorite. In the 90s, Kerry found the third love of his life: his wife, Lucy. They live in St. Louis, Missouri, with their five children. Time Slice is Kerry’s second science-fiction novel. His self-published, debut work is The Collective.
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