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Books-n-Kisses – two of my absolute favorite things! What an honor is it to stop by today to tell you a little about our Ring Dreams series and Jezebel Jorge’s new release Séances & Suplexes.
I am Odessa, the Spirit Guide of Jezebel Jorge. Whether dead or alive, I also happen to be one of the most entertaining characters in these books my human writes. Just in case you don’t know what a Spirit Guide is, I am that little voice of wisdom and sometimes mischief that whispers in Jez’s ear whenever she seeks guidance. Okay, sometimes I don’t whisper and most of the time I give her my input, regardless of if she wants it or not.
Once upon a time I walked among the living. Jez and I were actually friends in our previous existence. Given that, I’m not sure why she freaked out so bad when she found out I was oh so very real. Well, I guess it is a tab bit eerie to suddenly realize one of the characters in your novel was once a real person.
Any hoo, enough about me… Time for Séances & Suplexes.
What, you might ask, is a suplex? First of all, most people don’t pronounce the word properly. According to the late great Gordon Solie is it pronounced sou-play. Gordon had it right, everyone else gets it wrong. It’s a wrestling maneuver where one wrestler picks his opponent off the mat and uses his own body weight drops the opponent back to the mat.
Alex Kafelnikov is quite skilled with this move and according to that slut Courtney Dalton he’s got a lot of other behind the scenes skills as well. She outta know, considering she’s never been one to keep her panties in place. When it comes to Alex, I can’t say as I blame her. He’s a twenty year old, 6’3″, muscled up roid rage just waiting to happen. He got his dark hair, olive complexion, and brown eyes from his half Chinese, half white trash redneck estranged mother and his sir name and ring skills from his son of Russian immigrants father. He got his multiple tats and piercings all on his own. Despite his young age, Alex has gotten very good at getting by on his own.
I’m guessing you probably have some idea of what a séance is – when you focus your energy to communicate with those who have passed. This is often done with a Ouija, or as we prefer to call them, spirit board. Ouija boards sometimes get a bad rap as being vehicles of evil used to summon demons. This makes me laugh. A board is only as powerful as its maker. My human, excuse me, Jez, is very good with spirit boards. With me watching her back I can assure you that no one we don’t want to talk to is ever gonna come through.
Any witch worth her athame knows that one makes their own personal spirit board instead of buying a toy one in a box from WalMart. Courtney must have missed that little detail when she was perusing “Witchcraft for Dummies”. It irritates me to no end that Courtney, of all people, is able to channel my beloved. Okay, so he’s her grandpa, I get the whole blood thing, but it’s so not fair. Those DeFliehr witches have been a thorn in my side since I walked among the living. We won’t go into all the gory details here, but if you want to find out how my granddaughter Rowan got her DeFliehr genetics, you can read Headlocks & Hexes.
Séances & Suplexes is all about Courtney hooking up with her boy toy Alex. She and Alex provide the usual Witch Lit sizzle and spice and I’ll take credit for the things not so nice. I’d also like to give away a free read so please leave us a comment and I’ll pick a winner or maybe two from there.
BLURB: Courtney Dalton doesn’t believe in the L— word. Pro wrestling rookie sensation Alex Kafelnikov is just supposed to be a Boy Toy. Nothing more. Nothing less. Both of them are dealing with the deaths of their fathers. She’s also got a new gym to open, a custody battle with her ex, and a young daughter who might just be the most powerful DeFliehr witch ever.
Then there’s Billy, the father of her twin sons. For Courtney, it’s always been Billy. At least until Alex comes along and makes her believe in the possibility of happily ever after. Well, at least happy here and now.
BIO: Jezebel Jorge is a practicing witch and gifted medium. When she’s writing it usually feels like she’s merely taking dictation for the voices running amok inside her head.
She currently lives in Nashville, TN with a spoiled rotten Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix named Harry Potter and a mouthy Spirit Guide – that would be Odessa – with a fondness for snakes. You can follow Odessa on Twitter @spiritguidedess and Jezebel @witchlitchick.
To find out more about Jezebel Jorge, please visit
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