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Books-n-Kisses is pleased to welcome Linda Kaye to the blog today.  We are looking forward to learning a little more about Linda and her books The Right To Remain Mine (release date Feb 2012) & The Best Mistake (release date March 2012)
Linda:  Hi!  Thank you so much for letting stop by and chat with you guys.  If I start talking on too long, just take my mike away.  I’ll get the point!!

Q1) Please tell us a little about yourself
Linda : The youngest of eight kids, I was raised a good little protestant girl in southeast Kansas by poor dairy farmers. I married a cop (though he wasn’t one when I met him) at twenty-one, and we waited nine years to start our family.  Next month, our little girl who is so cute she’s a little too spoiled for her own good will turn two. Aside from writing contemporary YA and adult romance, I work as the acquisitions assistant in an academic library.  Yeah, I’m PAID to buy books all day long.  Cool, huh? Now if only I could buy all the romance stories I’d like to instead of medical and math books, I’d be in heaven!

Q2)  Tell us a typical writing day for you
Linda : No day is typical for me. With a full time job and a toddler and husband, I pretty much squeeze in writing when people are asleep, or not looking.

Q3) Have you always wanted to be an author or what made you become an author?
Linda: I have wanted to be an author since first grade. I read a poem that Mrs. Coltrane praised as if Shakespeare himself had penned it. From that point on, no one could convince me I wasn’t going to be writer. I guess that’s what you get when you have amazing teachers who encourage you and make you think you’re actually good at something!!

Q4) Tell us a little about your book The Best Mistake
Linda: I had a blast writing this humorous romance novella. I hope the fun stuff comes through to its readers. Deri Crandall feels like one big mistake.  An oops since birth, she never does anything right in the eyes of her family.  And here, all she wants from them is love and acceptance. Thinking she’ll finally get just that if she does what they tell her to and infiltrates their competitor’s company to steal all of Cole Harrety’s business secrets, she agrees…even though she plans to steal nothing from no one.  Saying yes to them is probably the biggest mistake she’s ever made, but sometimes a woman’s biggest mistake can turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to her.  She never imagined all the love and acceptance she craves will come from the one man she’s supposed to deceive.

Q5)  Tell us a little about The Right to Remain Mine
Linda: This is a full-length romance story with a dash of suspense; you don’t find out who the bad guy is until the very end. If you like reading about a hero and heroine who argue from the get-go until they argue themselves right into bed with each other, this is the story for you!!  Sheriff deputy, Raith Malloy hates lawyers.  And lawyer Willow DeVane abhors rude, overbearing alpha men.  But when they get together, boy, does the chemistry flow. After she’s physically attacked by a client, Raith needles his way into giving her self-defense training. But that only ends with them in bed together.  When their heated relationship grows rocky, they’re forced to put aside their difference after outside influences like a stalker breaking into Willow’s house bring them back together.  I wanted to bash Willow and Raith’s stubborn heads together more than once while I was writing their story. They aggravate as much as they kiss and make up.

Q6) How did you come up with the idea for these stories?
Linda: My idea for THE BEST MISTAKE came to me at work.  I stock the paper on the shelves in the supply closet.  One day, while I worried about how much it’d hurt if I overstocked the shelves and they collapsed on top of me, I came up for the beginning scene in the story.  The rest developed over time.   I can’t remember how THE RIGHT TO REMAIN MINE came about. I think I liked the idea of pairing up a lawyer with a cop and having them bicker at each other non-stop, in effect making their chemistry intense to the point of scalding hot!!

Q7)  What is your current work in progress?
Linda: I’m always working on about half a dozen or more stories.  Right now, I’m scratching out a YA about a mute girl and a boy whose parents recently divorced. I like to call this one SILENT, but who knows how long that title will stick. Then there’s a sweet adult romance I’m working on about an ex-drug addict who meets his teen daughter.  I’ve currently titled it ADDICTED TO ANSLEY.  I’ve stalled out on a prequel for my first adult romance, The Trouble with Tomboys.  This one is called FARM BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN, but I’m stuck at a difficult part right now.  Then there is THE NEIGHBOR WARS about a woman whose children from the future come visit her. I’ve stalled out on that one too. There’s more, but I won’t bore you with them.

Q8) Who are some of your favorite authors?
Linda: Oh, goody.  One of my favorite lists to make.  Let’s see. Favorite authors. Catherine Anderson, Cherry Adair, Lara Adrian, Claire Ashgrove, Sandra Brown, Suzanne Brockmann, Marie Rose Dufour, Suzanne Enoch, Julie Garwood, Laura Lee Gurhke, Linda Howard, Elizabeth Hoyt, Larissa Ione, Tara Janzen, Sabrina Jeffries, Gennita Low, Eve Langlais, Lisa Kleypas, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Julie Quinn, Karen Robards, Annie Solomon, Anne Stuart, Gena Showalter, Katherine Sutcliffe, J. R. Ward, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

Q9) Have to ask because I am nosey.  What is in your to be read pile that you are dying to read next?
Linda: Right now, I simply CANNOT wait until July to read Elizabeth Hoyt’s Thief of Shadows.  I hate it (but honestly really LOVE it) when they supply an excerpt for the next book in the series at the end of the story, because then I want to start on that story…IMMEDIATELY. And I totally want to start on Thief of Shadows, like yesterday! 

Q10) Is there anything else you would to add?
Linda: Thanks so much for letting me talk on and on.  I love talking about books, not just my own. So if anyone wants to get a hold of me and recommend a great story they just read, I always love adding new fav authors to my list.

Books-n-Kisses: Linda, thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog today to chat about yourself and your books. 
Linda: Here are my LINKS if anyone is curious! 
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