Winter’s Favorite Giveaway Day~~14

Welcome to Day 14 of Winter’s Favorites Giveaway.
Today we have the Beyond Awesome Larissa Ione and the Super Sweet Leslie Dicken sharing their favorite thing about winter.   And now I give the ladies the floor… Ladies…

Larissa’s Favorite thing about Winter:
My favorite thing about winter: Snow! And hot toddies. And Christmas decorations. And did I mention the snow? I love winter so much that I even made Immortal Rider a Christmas book (okay, Christmas is mentioned, anyway!)
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Leslie’s Favorite thing about Winter:
I’ve thought a lot about what would be my favorite thing about winter. It’s not the cold and most definitely not the shorter days. I’m not much on skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports and activities. Yet, I do like living in a part of the world where we have a real winter. I think that’s because I love to watch the snow fall.  Not to be out in it where I will be cold and wet, but to be inside where it is toasty warm. I love to see the pretty white flakes, large or small, float gently or blow wildly through the trees. Whether it’s a dusting on the ground or a foot accumulation or more, being inside a warm house while the snow drifts around outside is my favorite part of winter. I’ve included a picture of our first snowfall this year which happened the last weekend of October.
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To enter for a chance to win a Tote-bag & Swag from Larissa and an ebook from Leslie’s backlist please tell Larissa & Leslie your favorite thing about the snow. Then head over to the MAIN Winter’s Favorite page (<< — Click link) to enter the giveaway
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