Winter’s Favorite Giveaway Day~~13

Welcome to day 13 of Winter’s Favorites. On the blog today I have JK Coi sharing her favorite thing about Winter.
My favourite thing about winter is the food. I know, sounds crazy, right? But there are certain foods that make me feel warm and protected, and they all come in winter.
1) Clementines. Have you had these tiny oranges before? They’re so sweet and juicy, and the citrus smell sticks to your fingers after you peel them. It’s cozy and invigorating at the same time, as impossible as that seems.
2) Specialty coffees. There are so many different coffees that come out just for the holiday season. After playing with my son outside, or when it’s snowing and I’m stuck at the computer, the flavoured coffees make me feel just a little bit happeier. Starbucks has an AMAZING egg nog latte that I cannot get enough of. When I bring my laptop and hunker down in one of their corner couches to try and write, it’s the perfect drink to keep me focused.
3) Turkey. Man, I love turkey. And in our family, we have turkey on Christmas day. When I make it at home (depending on who is hosting the family dinner that year) I always get an extra big bird because I love to have leftovers for making sandwiches with in the week after Christmas when you’ve gorged yourself for so long you can’t bear to make a real dinner until the new year.
4) Nuts. Why is it that nuts are a holiday snack, but it’s true. For some reason I only buy them at this time of year. Cashews and walnuts, and chestnuts. Oh, chestnuts. I like roasting them and serving them nice and hot.
5) Cookies. My grandmother makes the best cookies, and only at Christmas. Lemon cookies, almond half-moon shaped things, shortbreads, gingerbreads, sugar cookies in the shape of cute Christmas trees. I gain 10 pounds just because of these, but it’s completely worth it!
What are your favorite treats of the holiday season? Does your family have a recipe that only comes out at this time of year?
Thanks to Kelly for giving me the opportunity to be a guest today! To say thank you, I’d like to offer a copy of my holiday steampunk novella from Carina Press, FAR FROM BROKEN, and a set of romance trading cards featuring all of the novellas in A Clockwork Christmas.
Far From Broken 
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File Size: 322 KB
Publisher: Carina Press (December 5, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
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27,000 words
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Soldier. Spymaster. Husband.
Colonel Jasper Carlisle was defined by his work until he met his wife. When the prima ballerina swept into his life with her affection, bright laughter and graceful movements, he knew that she was the reason for his existence, and that their love would be forever.
But their world is shattered when Callie is kidnapped and brutally tortured by the foes Jasper has been hunting. Mechanical parts have replaced her legs, her hand, her eye…and possibly her heart. Though she survived, her anger at Jasper consumes her, while Jasper’s guilt drives him from the woman he loves. He longs for the chance to show her their love can withstand anything…including her new clockwork parts.
As the holiday season approaches, Jasper realizes he must fight not just for his wife’s love and forgiveness…but also her life, as his enemy once again attempts to tear them apart.

To enter for a chance to win JK’s Steampunk novella & trading cards please tell JK your favorite holiday food. Then head over to the MAIN Winter’s Favorite page (<< — Click link) to enter the giveaway.
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