my review of Deviant Devil by Jianne Carlo

Hades Squad 3
By Jianne Carlo
Devil pulled the auction card from the envelope and read, “One blowjob in a private room. Condom mandatory. Touching only on my part. This is what you didn’t specify. Clothing, position, restraints. Forty-five seconds have elapsed. I can keep you here as long as I want until I come in your mouth, latex covered as specified. I can go for hours without coming.”
The last person Devil expects to see in a BDSM club is the best friend of his buddy’s new wife, Jessica Blaine. The all-American apple pie woman he wants so badly it’s her face he sees every orgasm for the last nine months. Is she playing? Exploring? Tough, she’s on his turf now, she’s put herself up for auction, and by God she’s his for the night.
Jess is scared spit less. She’s going to suck off the man who may have killed, Aung, the college student she mentors who vanished three weeks earlier. When the wrong man, a masked stranger, wins the auction, she has no choice but to proceed. Horrified when she not only responds to the masked stranger, but climaxes, Jess flees.
Devil lets her go fully intending to reel her in. His way.
My Thoughts:
Dominix (Devil) is a man with an obsession and that obsession is named Jessica.  Dominix had not stopped thing about her since he danced with her at his friend’s wedding.  When Dominix sees her at the local BDSM club going up for auctions he flips he lid.  He know he has to be the one to winner her. This may be his only chance to touch her again.
After Jessica’s assistant goes missing she takes things into her own hands, or at least she tries.  But Jessica ends up in the hands of the man she has been fantasying about for the last 7 months.
When Jessica is almost kidnapped she realizes she is in over her head and turns to Dominix and the Hades Squad to help her find her missing assistant and try to learn who tried to kidnap her.  But in order to stay safe Jessica has to be close to Dominix.  Being close to him may be more dangerous than the killers that are after her.
Normally I don’t read books out of order, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything by reading book 3 first.  Although now I want to go back and read books 1 & 2. 
I really enjoyed this story.  Dominix & Jessica are super-hot together.  I really enjoyed all the grief that Jess gives Dom about everything: eating at the table, no cussing, why is he always fighting with Demon (another Team member).  My only fault with this story was that the rescue scene was a little anti-climactic for me.  But other than that I really enjoyed. 
I am really looking forward to Demon’s book. This boy has some secrets I want to learn. 

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