my review of The Assassin’s Lover by Emma Holly

The Assassins Lover
by Emma Holly
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In the alternate Victorian earth the Yama live in, secrets are tantamount. This supposedly demonic race doesn’t believe in letting out emotions–much less in giving their hearts away. Assassin-guards Ciran and Hattori were bred to live by that code, until Hattori’s too-moral twin is imprisoned, and Ciran falls in love with the grieving man. Though Hattori can’t claim to be in love, he’s never trusted anyone like he trusts Ciran. Both have illegally altered genes that heighten sexual needs, making those needs a challenge for anyone else to satisfy. Theirs would be a match made in heaven, if only Hattori’s heart could stretch that extra inch toward Ciran. Katsu Shinobi isn’t your typical demon princess. As tender-hearted as she is lovely, she seems an unlikely match for either of these dangerous assassins–at least until they receive orders to kill her. None of them can forget the erotic interlude they once shared . . . or give up the chance to build a lasting future, together. 
My thoughts:
Emma Holly is wicked, wicked good at writing erotic novels.  You surely get that in The Assassins Lover.  I will warn those of you that are not into m/m/f (which means the men interact together) relationship you should stop now.  Because there is a lot of m/m relations in this story.
The Assassin’s Lover takes us into a world where what class you are born into determines your future.
A chance meeting between Princess Katsu and two of her cousins body guards Hattori & Ciran ends in a summer of the three of them spending every last minute together.  Sharing everything!!   But after a summer of bliss, does the hardest thing she has ever done she has to walk away from them.
4 years later Hattori and Ciran have been hired to kill a member of the Royal family.  They are hired to kill Princess Katsu, the woman that they spent a blissful 3 months with so long ago.
I really enjoyed this story.  Emma is a wicked good story teller.  But at times I was a little confused by some of the terminology she uses.  But I think that was mostly due to the fact that this is a new world to me.  As I state before there are some WICKED hot sex scene that are m/m/f, m/f and some m/m too.  So if that is not your ideal you may not like this story. 
But if you have ever read an Emma Holly novel you will know how WICKED good she is!
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